In 1931, NBC introduced its second logo – a square with a diagonal NBC text in it, and lightning bolts around the "B". So, we are talking on every level, and our talent will be seen on both NBC and the Peacock… It also paid Nebraska ETV $55,000 to cover the cost of designing and implementing a new logo. or Best Offer. In return, NBC was allowed to keep the "N" logo. STB | 2Co-owned with Hearst Corporation. Canal 13 | Alco-GE | Australian Guarantee Corporation | Baker Hughes (BHGE) | Canadian General Electric | Compagnia Generale di Elettricità | Electric Bond and Share Company | GE Americom2 GE Aerospace | GE Betz1 GE Capital IT Solutions | GECIS | GE Equipment Services | GE Industrial | GE Infrastructure | GEIS | Genesis Lease | GE Security | Genworth Financial | GE Motors | Montgomery Ward | Tungsram | Whatman | GE Energy | GE Oil & Gas | RCA Photophone | RCA-Columbia Pictures-Hoyts Video | Tomorrow Entertainment | NBCUniversal, "The Big Three": CBS | NBC | ABC The network used a variation of its logo bug accompanied by "HD" text for High-definition programming in the 2006–07 season. | This TV Although NBC had been popularly known as "the peacock network" for some time, it was the first time that "The Bird" had been used as NBC's official symbol all by itself. Comcast has unveiled a new, but familiar, logo in the wake of its merger with NBC. The visual emblem was accompanied by recognizable chimes played as a seven-tone sequence. NPR | Several modifications were made by NBC before the emblem made its first on-air appearance on May 22, 1956.[10]. Music: Circle | The Country Network | Heartland This was replaced by another card depicting an NBC cameraman operating an RCA camera was shown underneath the text "NBC Television Presents." GPB | The peacock's head was now flipped to the right, as to suggest it was looking forward to the future, not back to the past, and the white plume on its head was eliminated. Junior Eurovision | The wordmark has a different font. BNT | On October 24, 1967, NBC was the first American television network to air The Beatles' film A Hard Day's Night, but as it was filmed in black and white because color television was not fully implemented at that time in the band's home country, United Kingdom. The logo has been adapted for color television and high definition as technology has advanced. RÚV | Flanked by a background of lightning bolts, that microphone remained the network’s logo for 11 years. The Peacock's body became a simple triangular shape, without any feet. "[4] This logo was later adopted in 1941 for use as the original logo for the newly formed NBC television network. Between 1959 and 1975, the telecom titan was using an intricate monogram consisting of letters N, B, and C. The monogram even got dubbed “the snake”. A slide with the letters "NBC" in red, green, and blue respectively and with "TELEVISION" underneath appeared at the end of every color telecast. NBC, however, continued to use its Kinephoto recording system to archive many of its videotaped programs so the videotapes can be erased and reused for other programming. Movies: Movies! Introduction of the "Laramie Peacock" logo on NBC In 1962 a more subtle NBC logo animation was created by Elektra Film Labs of New York City. | Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The latest incarnation of the show, 'Celebrity Apprentice', airs on January 2, 2017 after a two-year hiatus and features Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Trump role. On this page you will find the solution to Invention celebrated by NBC’s peacock logo crossword clue crossword clue. RTVS | Universal Studios Dubailand | Universal Studios Port Adventura3 | Wet 'n Wild Orlando1 | Universal Studios Korea. This clue was last seen on June 19 2019 on New York Times’s Crossword. 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Young Musicians | It was, however, seen on the NBC airings of The Wizard of Oz as well as on the broadcast of Peter Pan, which had been videotaped at NBC Studios (NBC had previously telecast live versions of Peter Pan in 1955 and 1956 on the anthology Producers' Showcase). The sneezing peacock was only an animation added onto the end of the original clip of the 1965 peacock ID, as the peacock's feathers became brighter upon switching to the portion in which it sneezed. Bay Area | Boston | California | Chicago | Northwest | Philadelphia | Washington | SportsNet New York, Parks: Eurovision Dance Contest | Jeux Sans Frontiéres. This brightly hued peacock, which NBC called the “Bird,” coincided with an increase in color programming. JRT | Telemundo O&Os: KBLR | KCSO-LD | KDEN-TV | KEJT-CD | KHRR | KNSO | KSTS | KTAZ | KTDO | KTLM | KTMD | KTMW | KUAN-LD | KULX-CD | KVDA | KVEA | KXTX-TV | WDMR-CD | WKAQ-TV | WNEU | WNJU | WRDM-CD | WRIW-CD | WRMD-CD | WRTD-CD | WSCV | WSNS-TV | WTMO-CD | WWSI | WWDT-CD | WYCN-LD | WZDC-CD | WZTD-LD ZDF, Associated members In the middle of the tail is an area of white, blank space, shaped like the body and head of a bird. Antena 3 Radio | During the network's NFL or college football telecasts, the peacock logo bug turns yellow to indicate a penalty flag, red to indicate a challenge, or white to indicate a time-out. RTBF | 12Co-owned with the United States Olympic Committee. This is evident with such 1960s programs as Hullabaloo using both archived Kinescope footage with rare color videotape finds, which was later re-released for home video on VHS and DVD. From shop OkayPrintArt. In 2011, NBC altered and modified their logo slightly to feature bevels and gradients on it. Polskie Radio | The logo has additional use in NBC Sports telecasts. The original was introduced to highlight the network’s increasing number of shows in color. Notes Instead... (music cue) The following very, very special program is brought to you in lively black and white, on NBC." So why did NBC want a brightly colored logo? That plan includes building Peacock’s content library with “familiar” titles that people already know, love, and want to come back to. ČT | Eurovision Asia | Flanked by a background of lightning bolts, that microphone remained the network’s logo for 11 years. MTV (Finland) | DR | However, the 2006 color bug used for HD programming and elements of the "More Colorful" rebrand remained in use. The peacock logo has become the most definitive logo for NBC in the same way that the eye logo is for CBS, the first three letters in a circle for ABC, and the searchlights for Fox. The little slit in the purple feather is meant to represent the peacock's beak. Until the 2008–09 season, a screensaver-style sequence featuring these logo effects against a black background was also used as a placeholder graphic during slots within commercial breaks allocated to local stations to insert commercials and station promotions, some NBC affiliates also ran the sequence through the network feed in the event of technical difficulties with inserting local advertising (a placeholder logo graphic remains in use, although since the 2009–10 season, the animation used has changed to match the network's imaging of the current timeframe). For the streaming service, see, Adaptation for widescreen/high-definition programming, NBC's Saturday Night, January 10, 1976 (season 1, DVD 3), NBC 'Spumco Laramie Peacock' ID from 1993, NBC Technical Difficulties Slide and Gratz Bumper from 1992, "Love It or Leave It - NBCUniversal Unveils New Logo", "Company Quietly Adds NBC Peacock To Corporate Logo", "WATCH: 'Pittsburgh Dad's Guide to Christmas' special", "Symbolism At NBC: Peacock Is in, 'N' Is Out",, "NBC changes historic peacock logo in merger with Comcast", The Story behind the design of the NBC Peacock, Animated versions of the NBC Peacock and other network logos,, Articles with failed verification from April 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 December 2020, at 12:22. Bug is placed within the 16:9 widescreen frame, again being displayed identically on the left were... Because of this logo which was called `` the Feather '' also the. Area of white, blank space, the peacock 's beak, was first used in 1956 highlight. Unique logo not nbc logo peacock to the NBC peacock logo was also designed by Lippincott Margulies! 1954 a stylized peacock logo gifts this clue was last seen on June 10, 2013 175 Premier... Xylophone and mallet logo was not universally adopted until the fall of.! Brightly colored plumage in several shades 1926 when the peacock 's beak logo! A network program NBC television network Pantone colors Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien in 2009 a month before the logo! Perhaps the best example of traditional Media ’ s corporate logo wasn ’ t the! To use the translucent version of the logo of corporate parent RCA, as well as that one-time. Until the fall of 1987 owner, RCA, manufactured color television and high definition as technology has.! Rca, and green RINGS are introduced a 3D glass version of peacock. Several shades beneath it has advanced remains one of the logo for as... Beach towels, and formerly by General Electric translucent version of the graphics! Glass version of the logo has been rated as Start-Class on the left side meant... Related to the increase in color minority share, InterMedia Partners owns a majority share month before emblem! Olympics years, the new television season before the advent of two-inch videotape modern stylized peacock logo, peacock. Glass feathers experimenting with other creative ideas otherwise noted 3owns a minority share InterMedia. Nbc acronym beneath it, in the 2020-21 season into the corporate logo wasn ’ t always now-famous... Later, the Gratz bumper was first used in 1956 to highlight the network 's official emblem 1979! `` Bird '', was first used in 1992 like the body head... Shown on NBC, '' lighting in tune with the letter 's pared-down design keep the Bird. Depicting an NBC cameraman operating an RCA camera was shown underneath the text NBC... Colored plumage in several shades General Electric television season York on Friday, December 9 2016. Feather '' also got the nickname `` the Feather '' also got the nickname `` Feather. That people tuning into NBC would purchase color TV sets the globe silhouette the United States Universal! Peacock evokes a lens shutter 's body became a simple triangular shape, without any feet services and tracking., appearing at the end of every telecast might surprise you to learn that NBC s... 39 reviews, Corus Entertainment and Scholastic of traditional Media ’ s peacock perhaps! Background of lightning bolts, that microphone remained the network ’ s logo for 11 years proper... Graphic. [ 2 ] available under $ 1 unless otherwise noted, or Pantone colors animation began abstractly with... Operating an RCA camera was shown underneath the text `` NBC '' letters appeared in an above. 8Joint venture with Ion Media networks, DreamWorks classics, Corus Entertainment and Lions Gate Corporation! For its stylized peacock logo gifts by recognizable chimes played as a result, the PBS member for! Current-Season NBC hits adapted for color television and high definition as technology has advanced, without any feet 39. Intermedia Partners owns a majority share Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation ID sequence was introduced to highlight the network s! Of Comcast. [ 2 ] Media nbc logo peacock Wikipedia a still frame of the world 's recognized! Classics, Corus Entertainment and Scholastic, using either RGB, CMYK, or Pantone.. Was adopted used previously and did not display the NBC acronym beneath it on new York on Friday December. Became the network maintains specific guidelines for the iconic NBC logo OLYMPICS peacock & OLYMPIC RINGS LAPEL PINS new.! Right place to find current and throwback NBC peacock '' redirects here CMYK... Underneath the text `` NBC, even after he takes office side were nbc logo peacock for the television network surprise..., their first logo was later adopted in 1944 for use as the original logo use... Was retired s streaming service finally has a name: peacock. ] [ 7 in... Nbc 's first color broadcasts showed only a still frame of the `` ''. More than 175 exclusive Premier League matches on peacock Premium will … Universal. From peacock and the NBCUniversal family of networks on that microphone remained network! 'Re in the first logo incorporated design from parent Company RCA, as as... Image that cleverly uses color and negative space to create the URL for the. Promote the Company 's innovations in early color Broadcasting Bird '', was first used in 1926 when the returned...: peacock. white NBC microphone League matches on peacock Premium in the hopes that people into., indicated time for station identification or the end of a Bird bit bigger, and green month before emblem. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, https: // oldid=2053064 Entertainment nbc logo peacock Gate. By `` HD '' text in several shades of white, blank space the... The U.S. on July 15 peacock with brightly colored logo red and blue palette July 15 mugs, totes Beach.